Tuesday, 3 March 2009

welcome to a la mode mums

In August of this year I discovered I was pregnant with my first child. My man and I were thrilled and began upon the exciting journey to parenthood. As we travelled down the path I found myself craving information about this little thing growing inside of me, I longed to know its size, what was happening this week, how my body was changing. I hungered for information on how our lives would change and what we needed to prepare.

I discovered that there was no real platform that offered me this information in a tone I was comfortable with. I was either patronized, or expected to have an endless supply of cash that would pay for NCT classes, an au pair, a doula, special pillows and the like. So, rather than continue to complain that there was no “Grazia for pregnant ladies” I decided to create this blog. I hope that readers will enjoy the celebrity gossip (pics of pregnant stars or fashionistas out with their brood), the style sections (details on high street maternity wear that is fashionable and nice, top tips on beauty products for the time poor), the factual stuff (how that foetus is growing, what happens post-birth) and anything else I can think of (is it greedy to host your own baby shower, where can I get amazing birth announcement cards, how many words should my 18 month old be able to say).

I’ll also be dropping in with my own diary – I hit 34 weeks this Thursday!

So, bookmark a la mode mums and tell your friends.